1:1 Copy Consulting

Learn how to attract more leads and sales through your website after a website copy consultation (video call).

Frustrated that your website copy isn’t quite how you want it?

Maybe you know your copy lacks focus, and you're wondering if your message is clear? 

You might be an experienced marketer and you know your stuff, but if you’re not getting the leads/enquiries/sales you want from your website, it’s probably your website copy that’s letting you down. 


I know from experience, working on your own website can be really frustrating — you know who your target audience is, but all the ideas rushing around your mind can lead to a lack of focus in your writing. 


Having a fresh pair of eyes to review your web copy will help you to see where things can be improved. In this 1-2-1 session held online (over a video call) I’ll show you how small changes will dramatically increase the number of clicks you get on those call to action buttons. Just imagine how amazing it would be to have your website working for you like a 24-hour salesperson!


These sessions are not about pulling website copy to pieces, they're about helping you to tighten up your core message, and draw in more enquiries. 

Learn how to attract more enquiries from the people you love to work with after this 1-2-1 online session | One hour | £99

I’ll go one step further and say you can even use your website to attract more of the people that you LOVE to work with (just like I’m doing here, with my website). Imagine a 24-hour salesperson recruiting only the very best clients! It’s possible – you just need to find the right words to speak to them. 


In just one, hour you’ll…


  • Find out how to create headlines that grab your audience's attention and make them want to read more.

  • Discover the biggest secret to writing persuasive web copy that’s easy to implement straight away.

  • Learn how to use your about page as the perfect page to generate more leads.

  • Create a strong and clear call to action that’s irresistible to your audience.


All of the above are personalised to you, your business and your website. Use the link below to book your 1-2-1 website copy consultation and increase the number of enquiries you receive from the people you love to work with. 

Remember to add a link to your website during booking so that I can review your website BEFORE our consultation. 


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Hannah Gibson website copywriter
Hannah Gibson website copywriter
Hannah Gibson website copywriter
Hannah Gibson website copywriter
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hannah gibson website copywriter
testimonial hannah gibson
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