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Is it possible to make more money by doing less?

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Is it possible to do less and earn more?

I believe so, yes.

But not in the way you might first think.

Stay with me here.

I need to show you how it's possible, but you're probably thinking this sounds too good to be true.

I know I would be, but really it is.

As some of you will know, I started my business journey as a web designer.

I had big dreams. I wanted to build an empire, a web design company that helped small businesses with affordable websites and marketing. I saw small businesses around me struggling and genuinely wanted to help.

But, I got myself into a right pickle with my first client.

I didn't think to discuss content, so I ended up designing the website and writing the content for free. Sound familiar? If it does, you're not the only one. It's a story I've heard time and time again.

As a new business owner, this was an easy mistake to make.

So I learnt pretty quickly that I needed to charge for writing, but even then, some clients would opt-out, and I'd still end up spending time copy editing for free.

I remember one client; she was adamant she would write the website content herself.

I spent several weeks chasing her for it, then when it finally came—spread out in several emails nonetheless—it was appalling quality.

I couldn't possibly add that to the website I'd designed, I was desperate to build a decent portfolio, so I spent more time editing it.

Again, I learnt a valuable lesson. Time equals money, and I was losing money by chasing content.

I knew I needed to spend my time wisely if I was going to grow my business, so instead of trying to do more, I did less.

I focused on one part of the website creation puzzle—the copywriting. I call it a puzzle because there are so many interconnecting pieces that make a successful website—copywriting is just one of them.

When I niched like this, offering fewer services, I made more money.

I focused on doing one thing really well instead of lots of mediocre things, and I positioned myself as the go-to person and attracted higher-quality clients.

My process became quicker, so I could get more done in less time. I started making more money by doing less.

For me, it was writing website copy, but I could have picked another piece of the website puzzle—web design, SEO, digital marketing.

Can YOU do less and earn more?


Focus on doing one thing really well and get help from other experts.

Your results will be AMAZING.

You'll attract higher-quality clients, and you'll be able to charge more.

You'll grow your business and make more money.

Of course, you'll still be busy —you won't have more time to do NOTHING.

But you'll have more time to make money.

You'll be doing fewer THINGS and make more money.

Life will be easier and less stressful.

Seriously, stop wearing all of the hats in your business.

It's not your responsibility to chase your clients for website content.

There is another way.

Hannah Gibson, PhD

Lead Copywriter at

Hannah Gibson - Website Copywriter

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