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Lead generating sales copy for content creators and entrepreneurs

NEVER feel forced to accept work you know deep down isn't a good fit when you learn how to write lead generating sales copy. ALWAYS protect your business boundaries. And SOMETIMES (got to keep it real right?) reach your most outrageous money goals. 

Your talent is going to waste by playing small!

Over the last few years, you’ve created an amazing business that's given you the freedom to choose your creativity over the stifling constraints of working for someone else. HOWEVER, it's not all rosie. You often let your clients dictate the rules and sometimes take on work you know deep down isn't a good fit. You crave more. More money in the bank and freedom to choose how and when you work I mean, why shouldn't you? You're smart and the world needs more of what you have to offer. STOP PLAYING SMALL. 

Hannah Gibson Website Copywriter

Hi, I’m Hannah Gibson, copywriter and coach for content creators and entrepreneurs who are sick of playing small. If you’ve ever worried about where your next client will come from or often feel stressed bending yourself into a pretzel to please your current clients, I can help. Years ago, when I started my first business I struggled too. I made all of the usual mistakes and my lack of confidence held me back. BUT thankfully in 2019 I learnt how to write REAL lead generating sales copy and EVERYTHING changed. Read my story here “Being stalked by my dream clients”. 

Dr Hannah Gibson
Copywriter & Lead Gen Specialist

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What my clients are saying... 

Natalie Carthew

Sales Strategist & Mentor at Love Sales 

"I'm absolutely thrilled with the service I've had from Hannah on a number of occasions. I started working with Hannah originally to develop website copy for my new website towards the end of 2020. She took such care and attention right from the beginning. We started off with a brand story, and she asked all of the right questions to get all of the information from within so that she could start crafting my corporate business story. And she did it with such flair and care; it was just incredible. We moved onto the website copy and again Hannah took me step by step through the process. I felt at ease and confident every step of the way. Hannah is really really methodical in her approach and super reliable...." (play the video to the right to view more)