Hannah Gibson, Website Copywriter

I'll help you deliver a highly profitable website with focused website copy that inspires your target audience to click that button!

Hannah Gibson - Copywriter

From web design to website copywriting — my journey to helping overwhelmed business owners.

In January 2015, I founded a small web design and digital marketing agency. My vision — to provide affordable websites and marketing services to small-business owners. Things were good and over the years I’ve built around a hundred websites and received some amazing testimonials (give me a shout if you want to see any). 

Hannah Gibson Website Copywriter

But as it turns out...

Small-business owners hate writing their own website content. They either keep struggling on with it, getting more and more frustrated, or they hand it over to you, the web designer, leaving you overworked and overwhelmed. 


When I found myself in this situation, I started to struggle. I was trying to fill every role myself — web designer, SEO expert and copywriter. Eventually, I burned out and fell out of love with my business. I learnt the hard way that spreading yourself too thin is the worst thing you can do as a business owner. 


After battling with this for a couple of years, I knew something needed to change or I would be left with no other choice but to give up. I felt trapped. Things weren't working, but going back to employed work seemed the worst possible solution. 


Thankfully there’s a happy ending to this story. But before we get there, let’s rewind twenty years to the day it all started.

My passion for writing for sales

I remember the day I fell in love with writing for sales. I was 17, and I was studying A-Level English Language. My teacher at the time, Mr Williams, asked us to collect magazine adverts for the start of our Language of Advertising module.  


The day that first lesson arrived, I joined the class with loads of great examples. I’d be lying if I said I could remember the exact detail of each advert — it was over twenty years ago! But I do remember the extraordinary feeling I had while sitting in that English language classroom.

I was so excited, I really 'got it’


As I looked down at the torn-out pages laid in front of me, I became completely absorbed in the work I was doing — it was exciting! I understood how important the language we use is for advertising and sales. I could see how the magazine adverts were uniquely crafted in a way that makes us want to buy the product. 


From that day on, I saw advertising as clever and inspiring. Of course, things have changed in the 20 years since I was in that English lesson. But the fundamentals remain the same. The words we use to promote our business can either leave our audience feeling flat and uninspired OR excited and ready to take action. 

Now fast-forward twenty years


It all became clear. When I focused my attention on the thing I love most — writing for sales — I started to live my happy ending. I dropped all of the other services and found my niche. The Website Copywriter was born, and I began to attract web designers and agencies very quickly. 

And it didn't stop there!

My freelance copywriting business exploded, and in 2020, I became a limited company. Gibson Copy Ltd was growing so fast I took on a team of four other freelances on a part-time basis, all working towards a common goal: helping web designers streamline their business and make more money by taking away their content headache. 



You can read testimonials from a selection of web designers, marketers, and branding experts here. And if you want to know the rest of my story (including how a PhD in Molecular Biology fits into all of this!) book a call with me now and ask.  Or, if you prefer, you can use the contact form here. I can't wait to meet you!

Dr. Hannah Gibson