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Want more high-quality enquiries through your website?

Low-quality website copywriting is one of the leading causes of poor website performance. Thankfully, this is easy to put right. Get the quality website copy you need now, and transform your website into the 24-hour virtual salesperson your business needs. 

You started your business because you’re passionate about doing a good job at a fair price, but it turned out harder than you expected...

You’re an epic business owner! Talented in so many ways. Over the last few years, you’ve created an amazing business that's given you the freedom to choose your creativity over the stifling constraints of working for someone else. There have been many twists and turns over your business journey, and for the most part, things have worked out well. BUT you crave more. Yes, business and life CAN be even better. 

Hi, I’m Hannah. Like you, I started my first business because I wanted change. I saw people getting ripped off by big faceless companies and want to do things differently. That was in 2015. I learned A LOT from that business and I had some amazing clients. But after a year or two, I started to struggle. I'll explain more here, but basically, my pricing was way off, and I wasn't consistently attracting the right types of clients. Thankfully, everything changed when I learnt how to write effective sales copy. I rebranded, ditched the design, and launched my copywriting business in the spring of 2019 — which quickly became a huge success! Not just in monetary terms — I quadrupled my income in 6 months — but also in confidence, both in myself and with my clients. The business I have now is streamlined and stress-free. I've finally built a business I love, I have brilliant boundaries and now I'm ready to help you do the same!

Hannah Gibson, PhD

Copywriter & founder of Gibson Copy Ltd

Helping web designers streamline their business by taking away their content headache - visit Gibson Copy

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